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IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of late 2018, DeploymentPro can no longer be downloaded using the article in this link. Your admin / migration team will generate a download link for you which is unique to your company, and activation code is no longer needed. Please request the download link and/or e-mail communication template from your Liquid Mercury Solutions migration team.

An important step of migrating to Office 365 is to have all members of your staff download and install the DeploymentPro mailbox configuration agent on each PC in which they use Outlook. This helps us to streamline the process of making changes to point everyone to their new mailbox after the cut-over is completed.

The tool doesn't make any changes to your PC right away. It will reconfigure your Outlook client so that you'll be properly connected after the cut-over to Office 365.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click here to Download the Outlook Configuration Agent, "BootStrap.EXE".
  2. In Internet Explorer: click Run when presented with the download options.
    Click Run button when prompted
    Note that in other web browsers, the steps to download and run the file will appear slightly different. For example, in Firefox, click Save File, then go to downloads, click Bootstrap.EXE,
  3. Depending on your settings, you may be prompted to enter an Administrator username and password for your PC. If you don't know this, contact us at the email below for help.
  4. The agent will install and a dialog box will appear on screen. When prompted, enter activation code we provided you by e-mail, then click the Connect button.
    If you don't know the code, please contact us for help.
  5. If you need to close the dialog above, you can return to it later using the DeploymentPro icon in the Windows system tray. (The icon looks like a little green shield with a yellow lightning bolt.

That's it! Once the tool is activated, we'll do the rest. If you run into any difficulty, please send us an email at and we'll do everything we can to help you complete the process. Optionally, you may also call your help desk for assistance.

Accompanying E-mail Instructions

The following is an example of the instructions typically sent to all users by email accompanying the above process.

LMS Staff: This is a sample. Please use the template KA-01027 to ensure we use the latest updated version.

Hello [COMPANY] Staff,

As you may have heard, we are Liquid Mercury Solutions, the IT consultants contracted to assist with moving you from [EMAIL-SOURCE] to Office 365 [Or "Office 365 GCC High"].

If you're not already familiar with what we're doing, please contact [IT-CONTACT] to confirm this request is legitimate; we understand that most of the time, strangers e-mailing you to say "Click on this link" is not a good thing. So, we expect and hope that you will verify this message before clicking anything.

Please use the instructions in this email to configure Outlook to automatically connect to your new mailbox at the appropriate time.

Install the agent application for your email migration by following these steps:

1. Click on this link: [Install BitTitan Desktop Management Agent Application]({dma_download_url} "Install BitTitan Desktop Management Agent")
2. Select Run.
   Or, in Firefox, choose Save and then run the file from your Downloads folder.
3. The application will install silently. It will not impact any other work that you are doing and does not require a reboot. Your current Outlook experience and ability to send/receive email will NOT be affected. Keep working normally until cutover day.

Complete instructions including screenshots are available at:

To avoid temporarily losing access to e-mail, you must download and run the agent no later than [DEADLINE-DATE] before the end of the workday.

When it's time to automatically switch to your new mailbox, you'll see another email from us reminding you to sign out of Outlook and Windows at that time.

When we cut-over, you will see the agent's wizard pop up. Most likely, unless you're working late, this will happen on the morning after cut-over. Please complete all the steps and follow all instructions in the wizard so it can successfully configure Outlook to send and receive email from your new mailbox.

There are other steps to be completed by IT staff after this process completes. However, you should be able to continue working until someone is available to support you. Please keep in mind, you may also be provided with additional information about how to login into your PC during the transition, existing usernames will need to temporarily change in some circumstances. [DELETE LAST SENTENCE WHEN NOT NEEDED]

Please visit our migration launch pad page for up-to-the-minute status, contact info, and other helpful information:[CUSTOMER-URL]/

Thank you,

Your Liquid Mercury Solutions Cloud Crusaders
Office 365 Migration Team

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