Computers are great - and getting smarter every day - but they're far from perfect. Sometimes if you don't do exactly want they want, they will do things we don't like.
Please keep the following guidelines in mind to help us fight duplicate Cases, system-generated spam, and other problems associated with the our automated Case response and tracking system.
Meanwhile, we'll keep improving how the system works and if anything changes we'll update that information here.

Always Include the Case ID in Your Follow Up E-mails

If you have questions or information regarding your Case, always include the referenced Case ID number or CRM Tracking ID in the subject of your e-mail replies. These numbers will start with "CAS" or "LMS" respectively. It's best if you reply to an e-mail that already includes the Case ID rather than your original mail - although even our own staff frequently make this mistake.

Keep the Same Subject for the Lifetime of the Case

When responding to existing Cases, it's best when not to alter the subject line. This will help us to show the e-mails as a single threaded conversation. We also use the subject line can be used to identify that your email is related to the same matter and can be merged if needed.
We're developing a system that will check the subject line of your e-mail, and if it matches any active Case we are working, it will be automatically merged. However, this has not been completed yet. For the moment, it still needs to be done by hand.

If You Have More Than One Issue Please Open Multiple Cases

Our technicians are trained to spot a pile-on requests and separate them out into sub-cases as needed so they can be separately completed and tracked. However, doing this takes extra work.
One way you can help us is to send one e-mail for each unique issue or request, each with its own unique subject. This way the system will create a separate Case for every request.

Change the Subject if you Have a New Request

It's not uncommon to go back to a previously received/sent email address and simply hit Reply All to get the conversation going again. However, this creates problems for us if that e-mail was in reference to a matter that's already been resolved and closed.
In many cases, replying to an existing message associated with a closed case will cause the system to re-open your previously resolved Case, making extra work and creating the potential for confusion.
Therefore, if you have a new or unrelated matter, please either create a completely new e-mail or alter the subject line to remove the previous text and/or Case ID and replace it with something new. That way, we can clearly see in our systems that your e-mail is not a follow up on the old Case and represents a new request.

Channel E-mails through Authorized Contacts When Possible

Our systems work best if e-mails from your company are sent by those people we work with on a regular basis. For the everyday employee who needs help, this might create some confusion.
If the addressee greeting on your automated replies shows “Unknown Customer”, it means that your e-mail address isn't yet listed as a contact in our database or it may not be linked to your company. This is expected behavior and is no cause for concern. However, please understand that it may take a bit longer to process your Case due to needing to manually identify which customer you’re associated with.

Special Subject Keywords or Addressees That Impact Delivery

To disable automatic copying of customer e-mail to the Email2Case system, put "NOFWD" or "NOCASE" in the subject of your e-mail message. It will only be send to the people you specifically address in the email.

While this should take place automatically, you can ensure a Case will be generated and/or updated by CCing in your message. All members of the cloud support team will also receive the message if it is CCd to

Thank you,

The Liquid Mercury Solutions Cloud Crusaders