We are a Cloud Solution Provider Tier 1 (Direct) partner. This means that we work directly with Microsoft in addition to distributors such as Pax8 and Insight. Being a Tier 1 CSP means we have the best available access to Microsoft support staff in order to solve challenges on behalf of our clients.
We now provide licenses for all major Microsoft 365 and Azure environments, including GCC and GCC High, offering a one-stop shop and consolidated billing for Microsoft subscriptions and related IT services.

Cloud Services currently available through CSP:

  • Azure Commercial
  • Azure for US Government (FedRamp / High Risk)
  • Microsoft 365 Commercial
  • Microsoft 365 for Government (Moderate Risk)
  • Microsoft 365 for Education
  • Microsoft 365 for Charity / Non-profit
Cloud Services we deliver through cooperation with our AOSG partners:
  • Microsoft 365 GCC High / DoD

Different programs have different characteristics, so here's a summary:

Environment / License Type Security Level Buy
Program Frequency Notes
SA and Deployment Planning Services N/A Yes EA N/A Redeem SA/DPS vouchers for services
Volume Licenses (MS Open, SA, etc.) N/A Yes VLSC One-time or Annual (1-2 Year) Available through our distributors
MS365 Commercial Cloud (global) Moderate Yes CSP Monthly or Quarterly Direct from MS
MS365 for Education Moderate Yes CSP Monthly or Quarterly Direct from MS
MS365 for Non-profits Moderate Yes CSP Monthly or Quarterly Direct from MS; Available in addition to license grants from TechSoup
Dynamics 365 and/or Business Central Moderate Yes CSP Monthly or Quarterly Direct from MS
Azure Global (commercial cloud) Moderate Yes CSP Monthly or Quarterly Direct from MS
MS365 GCC (Government Community Cloud) Moderate Yes CSP Monthly or Quarterly Direct from MS
Azure Government High Yes CSP Monthly or Quarterly Direct from MS
MS365 GCC High (DoD con.) High Yes AOSG Annual (3 Year) Delivered via our AOSG partner
Dynamics in GCC High High Yes AOSG Annual (3 Year) Delivered via our AOSG partner
MS Enterprise Agreement N/A No EA Annual (3 year) Please contact MS or your LSP/LAR for licenses

Additional Software Subscriptions also available through CSP:

  • Azure SQL Edge
  • SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Core
  • SQL Server 2019 Standard Core
  • Windows 10 Upgrade to Pro
  • Windows Server CAL
  • Windows Server Remote Desktop Services CAL
  • Windows Server RMS CAL
  • Windows Server Standard
  • Redhat Plans for Azure
  • SUSE Linux Plans for Azure
  • Azure VMWare Solution by CloudSimple
  • Azure Reservations

This glossary helps to further define and characterize the programs and platforms described above:

Microsoft License Program Glossary
Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Microsoft makes licenses for Microsoft 365, Azure, and Azure Government available under the CSP program. CSP licenses may be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually based on preferences and eligibility. These are purchased from and delivered by Liquid Mercury Solutions via Microsoft an intermediary / distributor. We can sell commercial, government, non-profit, and educational licenses through CSP. Non-profit and charity customers are also encouraged to apply for TechSoup license grants, which may be less expensive or even free. If you purchase cloud services from Microsoft or another CSP partner, we can still support you; ask us for details or a quote.
Government Community Cloud (GCC / GCC Moderate) GCC is special licensing for MS365 intended US federal government agencies, state and local governments, and qualified contractors who must meet certain security requirements such as NIST-171 or CMMC, handle government regulated data, and are considered only "moderate risk". GCC is available through CSP, and prices and products generally match the Microsoft Commercial Cloud. Customers with "high risk" scenarios should take a look at GCC High.
GCC High and AOSG AOSG is a special program for US federal government agencies and qualified contractors who must meet strict security requirements under DFARS, CMMC, ITAR, or similar rules. GCC High via AOSG program is relatively new; prior to this GCC High traditionally required a minimum of 500 seats and a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. In March 2018, Microsoft announced the AOSG which is a special program that allows a limited number of partners to sell cloud services in the GCC. As of 2021 only 6 partners are enrolled in AOSG, but it is expected Microsoft will eventually transition GCC High to CSP or broaden AOSG. Government agencies and contractors who require GCC High will need to obtain licenses directly from Liquid Mercury Solutions through our AOSG partners. These are sold at cost.
Azure Subscription Billing, Azure Plan, Azure Government Unlike other Microsoft services, Azure subscriptions are based on actual consumption (usage). Therefore, they are billed after-the-fact, and invoices will vary from month-to-month based on factors such as VM configuration, processor use, memory, storage, network bandwidth, and use of other services. If your quote includes line items for Estimated Azure Consumption, this will be based on whatever information you have provided us and represents only a best-guess regarding actual costs. Liquid Mercury call delivery Azure Subscription, Azure Plan with Cost Management, and Azure Government through CSP.
Volume Licensing (VL or VLSC) Microsoft Open and Open Value are volume license programs. Software and keys are delivered by download from a web site provided by Microsoft. New customers must allow up to two weeks for volume licensing account configuration. (Purchased products may not be returned after activation keys are made available on the VL website.) In recent years, some licenses previously only available through VLSC are now available in CSP, so ask us for details.
Software Assurance (SA) Software Assurance guarantees your right to upgrade to the next version of you Microsoft product(s). While it is not required in all VL programs, it must be acquired at the time the license(s) are originally purchased. SA is often included in Enterprise Agreements.
MS Open Where Open licenses include Software Assurance, it is a 2-year term and the entire SA agreement must be paid upon initial purchase. Please note that cloud services which are sold through MS Open generally do not include support; accordingly, we recommend purchasing cloud subscriptions via CSP channel instead.
MS Open Value By contrast, Open Value is a 3-year agreement with only the first year paid in advance at the time of purchase. Thus, Open Value line items above do not include the cost for years 2 and 3, so tell us if you need these figures included in the quote.
Enterprise Agreement (EA) MS Enterprise Agreement is a 3-year agreement for larger organizations. It is usually leveraged by organizations with 300 users and over, but in recent years it is common for even larger organizations to rely on CSP instead, since it offers a flexible monthly subscription model. Liquid Mercury can redeem vouchers obtained by EA customers, but does not negotiate or sell EA on behalf of Microsoft. To obtain an EA, contact an LSP/LAR (License Service Provider / Large Account Reseller) or your Microsoft sales representative.