It's our continuing goal to establish first response to clients, scheduling, and case resolution within established time-frames based on the type of Service Plan you've enrolled, the severity of your case, and/or other business rules. This article describes those metrics in detail.

These metrics apply during normal business hours from 8a.m. to 8p.m. on business days, excluding holidays. All times listed are in business hours / days and are subject to normal hours of operation as well as scheduled and emergency closings. If you need faster response, please consider asking us about Emergency Service.

First Response Goals

Service Level Response Goal
Free Support 2 Days
SupportPlus 1 Day / 12 Hours
SupportPrime Hero 6 Hours
SupportPrime Demigod 4 Hours
SupportPrime Immortal 2 Hours
Emergency Calls 1 Hour
Sales Requests, Orders, or Changes 4 Hours

Case Resolution Goals

It's our continuing goal to resolve every open case by the end of the week. However, cases may be opened late in the week or they may represent a long-term effort or intermittent issue, and thus may take longer to resolve.

Case resolution times may vary greatly based on the complexity of the matter at hand, technical difficulty, and actual severity. Please understand that the following goals are not necessarily applicable to every type of case. Thus, these general goals will be developed in more detail to ensure that we are setting proper metrics based on the level of effort and other factors.
Service Level Severity A Severity B Severity C
Free Support N/A N/A N/A
SupportPlus 1 Week 10 Days 2 Weeks
SupportPrime Hero 3 Days 1 Week 2 Weeks
SupportPrime Demigod 2 Days 1 Week 10 Days
SupportPrime Immortal 1 Day 3 Days 1 Week
Emergency Call 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
Sales Requests, Orders, or Changes 1 Day 3 Days 1 Week

Scope, Scheduling, and Follow-up Goals

Business processes establishing stages for Scope, Scheduling, and Follow-up are currently in development and to be determined at a later date. Please check back here for additional information when those SLA metrics have been implemented.

What happens when we miss our goals?

It's regrettable, but sometimes we don't always live up to our own expectations.

If we exceed the above metrics for responsiveness or case resolution, your case will be reviewed for possible remediation including inclusion of additional technical resources, involvement with staff from our vendors and/or technical partners, escalation to a higher support tier, or other corrective actions.

Service Level Quick Reference

If you're not sure to which Service Level your company is entitled, you may review your account in Nimbus or feel free to ask us any time.

Meanwhile, here's a quick reference that may be of assistance to you.
Service Plan(s) or Subscriptions Service Tier
No Existing Business Relationship Free Support
Office 365 or Microsoft 365 Subscriptions purchased through Liquid Mercury Solutions SupportPlus
Admin 365 on Demand / Legacy Service Plans SupportPrime Hero
Event Horizon Co-managed Cloud (formerly Enterprise on Demand)
SharePoint On Demand
Dynamics On Demand
SupportPrime Demigod
Event Horizon Managed Infrastructure / Endpoint
SharePoint On Demand, Enterprise
Dynamics On Demand, Enterprise
SupportPrime Immortal